Feet hurt? Try this!

I’ve seen several patients who complain about foot pain over the years.   I have worked with sprained ankles, pronation problems (sometimes called flat feet) , early formation of a bunion to the big toe and more.  Some of these things are very easy to work with and others a little bit more involved.

In simple terms, a pronation problem, the arch drops down and does not have support.  With treatment, I recommend that after leaving my office they go to the store to get arch supports to put in their shoes. This will help support their arch. This is just a cheap alternative, not a fix, or a replacement for an orthotic.  Sometimes people just don’t have the money for a good orthotics. Before you do get orthotics, I suggest that you get your ankles and feet adjusted to put them in normal alignment before they make a cast or impression of your foot.



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