Alexa’s Story

Alexa's storyI’ve gone to many chiropractors over the course of my life. I’ve gotten whiplash three times – I think a magical “hit me” sign appears behind every car I ride in! Now I have fibromyalgia, which some experts say may be triggered by the accidents. This condition has so many complications that I blame any aches and pains I get on it. Over the years, I’ve gone to 8 or 9 chiropractors (we move a lot). Dr. Altman is one of the very best.

What makes him so special? Doc Altman treats the whole person and not just the current symptom. He has the ability to pin-point the source of my various pains and knows what to do to make it better. I used to blame every ache and pain I get on the fibromyalgia, but the Doc can figure out the real causes and fix them.

I first called Dr. Altman because my neck and upper back hurt, but I canceled the appointment because my jaw hurt and I thought it wouldn’t be comfortable to lay on the table. You see, I had some dental work done, and since then, my jaws were hurting badly. I was unable to chew anything, leaving me to live on blended food and oatmeal. This went on for weeks and I kept going back to the dentist to fix the problem with no avail. Then I was referred to an endodontist who diagnosed me with TMJ. Meanwhile, my neck and back were still hurting, so I finally called the doc back up and explained to him that I needed his help, but would not be able to lay face down as it hurt my face to do so. He said that he could help the TMJ, so I went to see him immediately. My jaw felt better after the first visit! After a couple of times, I was eating normal food again! And he relieved the pains in my neck and back as well. It beats the heck out of being doped up on pain pills (my dentist & endodontist’s answer to TMJ pain.)

Since then, I’ve been going to see Dr. Altman regularly to keep my chronic pains away. He let me know that my foot pain was due to pronation (flat foot). He helped straighten out my foot and lead me to some good (and affordable) shoes with arch support. Since then my feet don’t swell or hurt as often. I could go on and on, but my point is that since I started seeing Dr. Altman, the quality of my life has improved. My body is more flexible, less tense, and much less painful.


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