Back Pain & Injuries

Back painLike all chiropractors, Dr. Altman studied the human spine extensively.  For this reason, many patients come to him with back pains.  The Doc takes a compassionate and consistent approach to alleviating the pain and then fixing the cause of this pain.  One of the things that sets him apart from many colleagues, is that he believes he has a moral obligation teach patients how to maintain their health post-treatment.  Keeping you out of his office doesn’t always make business sense, but it is the right thing to do!  According to Garen, here is how the Doc helped him feel good again:

Garen Ridenhour says:

Wow is all I can say! Dr. Altman is the best! I have had severe back problems the last couple years. Currently I have a bulging disc in my lower back. I have spent thousands for physical therapy and other chiropractors. I have had mixed results with those treatments. My first visit with Dr. Altman was a complete success! I will NEVER go anywhere else! I have lived with back pain everyday for years. I was shocked to have zero back pain for 2 whole days after I saw him the first time. My second time… Still pain free! He knows exactly what he is doing. He is better than every single doctor I have seen. I am a patient for life!

Eric says:

Several months ago, I injured my spine in a terrible accident. I tried going to a traditional MD, and other then being drugged up and sleepy, it do no good at all!! So I decided to go to Dr. Altman, to see if he could help with my severe pain, and get me back to normal again. He promised that he would fix me right up after 8 visits. I thought that seems crazy and impossible! After my second visit, I was in considerably less pain, and by the 6th, I was 100% back to normal! Dr. A is a wonderful honest man, who knows his stuff much more so than any other chiropractor I’ve spoken too (and I have one in the family!!)

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