Hip, ribs, jaw and more

Get your whole body back in alignment

Get relief from TMJWhen you feel aches and pains and suspect that your body is just not right, give Dr. Altman a call.  He has been successful in alleviating pain caused by various kinds of skeletal issues.  A chronic headache could be a sign that your neck that is out of place.  The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can be be mis-aligned and cause a great deal of pain around the jaw.  Difficulty breathing and pain around the ribcage can be a sign the the ribs are out of place.  These are just a few of the problems that the Doc has helped people with in his practice.  Lydia’s case is a clear example of how accidents can cause multiple injuries all at once:

Lydia Gallapoo says:

Several years ago I injured myself while snowboarding. I really messed up my back, neck and ribs. Since then, it is necessary to readjust from time to time. Andrew is the only one I trust to keep me mobile and pain free. In August, I woke up with terrible pain and called Andrew. Even though it was Sunday, he took me right away. He determined that I had a kidney stone and recommended a hospital, since I didn’t know which one was best. I have been to many chiropractors over the years, and can say without hesitation that Andrew Altman is the best.

Dr. Altman understands that sometimes, the pain is so great that you can’t wait for regular business hours to get help. Under special circumstances, the Doc will see patients after hours and even on weekends.  Such was the case with Matt:

Matt says:

Back in January, in the course of my job, I ended up rotating my hip so badly that my leg popped out of place. I work weird hours and was doing a random search at 1 AM that morning to try to find a chiropractor who could help. I came across Dr. Altman in the search engine and saw his number listed so I decided to give it a call and try to leave a message to get an appointment set up. To my surprise, Dr. Altman answered the phone rather than some machine and even said that if it was feeling that bad that early in the morning that I should just come on by and he would see what he could do. I didn’t want to impose that late at night so I just set an appointment up for the more normal morning hours, but the fact that he was more concerned about a patient that office hours impressed me. Within a couple of visits, despite how bad my hips were out of place, I felt as good as new, and I’ve been coming in for visits ever since. He’s very personable and is the kind of guy that exudes professionalism and a friendly smile in the same expression. I’d recommend him personally to anyone needing a chiropractor and stock up on his business cards in case I see someone who needed as much help as I did.

Are you suffering, but unsure if a chiropractor can help you?  Have you gone to your medical doctor only to find that he or she cannot provide you with the relief you need?  Contact Dr. Altman to discuss your case.  If he can help you, he’d be happy to fit you into his schedule.  If not, he might be able to guide you in the right direction.  Either way you have nothing to loose and might just gain your pain-free life back!