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Young pagientDr. Andrew Altman has been helping Arizona families feel good again for over 15 years.  In addition to a degree from Life Chiropractic College West and certification by the Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Dr. Altman has post graduate certifications in X-ray analysis, Chiropractic Biophysics, Extremity Adjusting, and Sports Injury.  He also shared his health care expertise as a consultant to other chiropractors and as a university lecturer.

As the economy soured a couple of years back, Dr. Altman looked for ways to keep services affordable and quality high for his patients.  While some other chiropractors have reduced the amount of time they spend per patient or hiked up rates, Dr. Altman decided to move his practice to a more economical office space.

Dr. Altman treating neck pain

AZ Family Health treats you like family.  When you come to the office, Dr. Altman’s dog, Howie, will announce your arrival then go lay down in his favorite spot.  Please let us know if you are allergic or afraid of dogs when you set your appointment.  If that is the case, we will give Howie a bone and send him to his “room”.  The Doc will greet you himself and will rarely leave you waiting more than a few minutes for treatment.  Dr. Altman’s good sense of humor helps his patients relax to get a better response.  At the end of the session, you can pay with cash or check or credit card.  AZ Family Health also works with various insurance providers.

In addition to his affordable office practice, Dr. Altman conducts group sessions for companies and organizations.  These sessions usually include some basic information on how to prevent injuries and basic adjustments.  University students and other chiropractors have and continue to benefit from his expertise through his lecture series.  If your organization or school would like to book Dr. Altman, please contact us for availability.



  1. I had been to at least 5 different chiropractors and they all did it the same, they adjust you to their specifications and send you on your way. I was born with a slightly deformed skull which in turn caused problems that radiate down the spine, mostly upper cervical. Because I have such a specific congenital problem, none of the chiropractors helped me, they were not adjusting to my situation. It’s different with Dr. Altman, he is a special person and takes pride in giving every patient what they need for success in health. He is very sensitive to peoples needs and that makes him great at his job. No two visits are the same, Dr. Altman is constantly changing the care plan to match the results, therefore leaving you with the best possible outcome. The best part to me is always knowing what is happening with my body, Dr. Altman always gives full disclosure of treatment and what results might occur. Doc Altman goes above and beyond to fix problems, with the use of x-rays, adjustments, trigger point therapy, and lots of ice, I am feeling the best I have in years!

  2. Tony Braunel says

    I’ve had chronic back problems for more than twenty years from an accident that occurred in high school. I saw Dr. Altman after coming to terms with just living with the pain. I’ve had a few sessions with him and am amazed at the difference. I actually have range back in my neck and feel a relief in my lower back.

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