PRP and Stem cell regenerative medicine

We are offering regenerative medicine at our Wickenburg office. We are the only ones in Wickenburg Arizona offering this treatment with "platelet rich plasma (PRP), and stem cell regeneration" at this time. Dr. Gootzeit is available on Friday's for … [Read more...]

Health Care Power of Attorney

In healthcare, there are times when we need to make tough decisions for our loved ones.  This is not intended to be used, just to give you an idea, a thought that might help you in your needs. Please consult an attorney for proper guidance and forms. … [Read more...]

Getting Rid of the Pain with Fibro

The word "fibromyalgia" might not mean that much to you, but don't tell that to someone troubled with this condition. Fibro sufferers report chronic, achy muscular pain in numerous specific yet widely dispersed sites, predominantly the lower back, … [Read more...]

TMJ Pain … Be Gone…

I had a patient that was going to cancel her appointment with me because she had a terrible pains in her jaw. Having her mouth open for an extended period of time in the dentist's chair can cause that. She was afraid that being face down on an exam … [Read more...]

Hip, ribs, jaw and more

When you feel aches and pains and suspect that your body is just not right, give Dr. Altman a call.  He has been successful in alleviating pain caused by various kinds of skeletal issues.  A chronic headache could be a sign that your neck that is out … [Read more...]

Relief for Neck Pain

People generally think of chiropractors when a car injury has lead to whiplash.  But there are various causes for neck pain, and Dr. Altman can provide relief for just about all of them!  Luckily, he also understands that if you have never been to a … [Read more...]

Back Pain & Injuries

Like all chiropractors, Dr. Altman studied the human spine extensively.  For this reason, many patients come to him with back pains.  The Doc takes a compassionate and consistent approach to alleviating the pain and then fixing the cause of this … [Read more...]

Derek’s Story

I have visited Dr. Altman several times for shoulder dislocations. I am a big outdoor enthusiast. I work at rock climbing gym and I also climb on my free time so my shoulder has to be in top condition. Like climbing I also ride bmx so that also … [Read more...]

Alexa’s Story

I’ve gone to many chiropractors over the course of my life. I’ve gotten whiplash three times – I think a magical “hit me” sign appears behind every car I ride in! Now I have fibromyalgia, which some experts say may be triggered by the accidents. This … [Read more...]

AZ Family Health healping kids feel good again !

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