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We go to a doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, or other medical professional hoping they can provide a quick fix to our pains and medical problems. But despite their best intentions, it is possible for a condition to be misdiagnosed, a health issue be missed or a treatment plan to miss the mark. As a board certified Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Andrew Altman (Doc) works extensively with hard to treat cases. He often sees patients who have all but lost hope of being able to live a normal and healthy life again. The Second Opinion Service is especially recommend if you are:

  • Considering surgery
  • Taking injections or pills to control pain
  • Undergoing rehab that doesn’t improve your condition
  • Not getting relief or improvement
  • Have limited mobility or movement

Regardless of whether you suffered a sports injury, car accident, work injury, or got hurt during daily living, Dr. Altman’s Second Opinion Service can help you find treatment options you were not aware of before.

Start by Choosing the Service or Services You Need

Plan I – $199

Does your current treatment plan include invasive procedures, such as surgery or injections, or prescription drugs? Dr. Altman usually prefers less risky and invasive options whenever possible. Therefore, Doc will email you a diagnosis (whenever possible) in plain English and a self help treatment plan with recommendations for at home things you might be able to do, such as stretches,  and safe exercises. This self help option may supplement your current treatment plan, or it may provide an alternative to what you are doing now.

Plan II – $299

Do you feel like your current medical, chiropractic, or other provider is not asking the right questions or looking in the right direction? This is when it is very useful to have phone call with Dr. Altman. That way he can learn more details about what you have been going through and perhaps uncover symptoms you didn’t even recognize as being out of the ordinary.  This conversation will enhance the recommendations you receive from the Doc.

Plan III – $399

Diagnosing conditions is a complicated process that involves science. There are times when two different providers can review the same medical file and diagnose two different conditions with two very different courses of treatment. Before you begin a care plan, it’s important to be sure that you’ve received a proper diagnosis. Sometimes, even with the right diagnosis, a problem can be hard to treat.  After reviewing your x-rays and questionnaire, Dr. Altman will provide his professional opinion in detail to share with your medical, chiropractic, or other professional. This will include his diagnosis and treatment options he believes would be useful discussing with your local provider.  This plan includes up to 2 phone calls and up to 5 emails during the course of two months in order to assist your local professional in your care plan.

Getting Started

Once you purchase a service plan or plans, we may send you a questionnaire to collect the important information he needs to help you. Then you can let him know about the symptoms you have been experiencing. Tell him what kind of help and treatments you have tried. Explain if any of them have made a difference. Share your x-ray films for Dr. Altman’s review.  Note that Doc is not authorized to prescribe medication and the information provided will not be used to prescribe, recommend or otherwise change your medication or your current care plan.

Will My Doctor Be Upset?

Second opinions are common in the medical community. A good physician will understand your need to speak with more than one expert when faced with an important medical decision. He or she should encourage you to get all of the information that you need in order to feel confident in choosing the treatment plan that’s best for you.

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