Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Altman can straighten out your crooked spine and put your body back into alignment.  But have you ever wondered what through it out of wack to begin with?  And why does it keep getting crooked?  If your body is injured in some way, such as out of alignment, it generally reacts through inflammation.  This causes other aches and pains.

Whenever we find something that works for patients and helps them get back to optimal health, we bring that option in to help our patients.  That is why AZ family health is happy to bring you Dr. Sholom Gootzeit (Dr. G), who specializes in regenerative medicine.  This a collection of non-surgical treatments that help the body heal. Dr. G is Board Certified with the Osteopathic Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and became a member of Osteopathic College Regenerative Medicine and Pain Management in 2001.  His expertise in pain management will provide additional relief to our patients.  The specific therapies we will offer at our offices in Wickenburg focus on where bones connect, making them a perfect complement to the chiropractic treatment provided by Dr. Altman.

Ligaments, Tendons and Joints, Oh My

Prolotherapy is the stimulation of the formation of fibrous connective tissue of the body, in a specific location by the specific application of a regenerative modality.   It can be used to treat dislocation of the joints, knee pain, shoulder pain, Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and disc problems at any level of the spine. The therapy affects only the area treated and does not cause any problem in any other area. Spider veins, abnormal or bulging veins and other similar conditions can be treated on the legs, feet, hands, arms, breast, face, and most other areas.

Let the Healing Begin

Dr. G also specializes in PRP Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, an amazing regenerative process that can work wonders to heal injuries and relieve your pain.  PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma actually jump starts healing after injuring a ligament or tendon.  PRP is a simple process and can offer amazing regenerative healing benefits.

Make Your Knees Bend Again

SUPARTZ, also known as a Viscosupplement, is both a non-surgical & non-pharmacologic therapy for knee osteoarthritis. Undergoing SUPARTZ therapy can help relieve your knee pain, improve your knee mobility, and get you back to your normal life activities.

We are offering regenerative medicine at our Wickenburg office. We are the only ones in Wickenburg Arizona offering this treatment with “platelet rich plasma (PRP), and stem cell regeneration” at this time. Dr. G is available on Friday’s for consolation and treatments.  He also believes in the “pay it forward” idea and gives 1st responders a discount.  Contact AZ Family Health today to learn more about the regenerative therapies provided at our offices.

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