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Dr. Andrew AltmanMost people first see a chiropractor because a friend or family member told them that chiropractic visit had given them immediate relief in the past.  Often they come in suffering with joint, back,  neck, shoulder or knee pain.  But did you know that a good chiropractor can often provide relief for those suffering from fibromyalgia, asthma, TMJ (pain in the jaw), or even migrainesDr. Andrew Altman is a Doctor of Chiropractic that has been treating these and other disorders affected by the musculoskeletal and nervous systems for over 15 years.  He’s seen amazing results during his career.  But why take our word for it?  Read the stories his patients have shared in the comments section below.

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Phone: 480- 788-2 Dr A (2372)

Tues, Thur. 12pm – 7pm, and Saturday 11am-2pm

(Winter additional days and hours are Monday and Fridays 1 -5pm) at:    159 W. Wickenburg Way, Wickenburg, AZ 85390


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  1. Lori Keeley says

    Dr. Altman is an upstanding guy on all counts. I’d highly recommend his services to anyone in need of any physical issues you may be facing…his services definately go hand in hand with other holistic healing remedies.

    He really helped me out, a true angel of a man. Thanks Doc!! 🙂

  2. Jan Malacara, PA-C says

    Dr. Altman has shown his ability to help with the chronic pains that my patients have. I have referred several for his services and they have a reduced need for pain medications after being treated by Dr. Altman.

  3. Cody Smith says

    Dr. Altman is truly a very skilled chiropractor. I’ve been to a few other practitioners throughout the years, due to lower back pain and neck injuries. Some were good, some not so good. Several had the skills to temporarily relieve pain. However, only Dr. Altman concentrated on truly fixing the source of my problems in a more permanent manner.

    Doc impressed me with his extensive knowledge of the whole body and how all the systems are affected by an injury or problem in one area. (Very interesting how a pinched nerve in one area can cause weakness or numbness in an entirely different part of the body!) Yet, he managed to never talk over my head, taking the time to explain everything to me clearly.

    When I came to Doc Altman, my injury was so severe that my body formed an “S” when viewed from the front! It was almost comical, if it hadn’t hurt so bad. He relieved my pain, diagnosed the true cause of my injury, and through realignment and rehabilitation, corrected my problem permanently. He went even one step further by instructing me in exercises I should do on my own to prevent re-injury.

    I highly recommend Dr. Altman to anyone seeking true permanent healing of their injuries. I’m living proof that his treatments work!

  4. Alexa Ronngren says

    Like Cody I’ve gone to many chiropractors over the course of my life. I’ve gotten whiplash three times – I think a magical “hit me” sign appears behind every car I ride in! Now I have fibromyalgia, which some experts say may be triggered by the accidents. This condition has so many complications that I blame any aches and pains I get on it. Over the years, I’ve gone to 8 or 9 chiropractors (we move a lot). Dr. Altman is one of the very best.

    What makes him so special? Doc Altman treats the whole person and not just the current symptom. He has the ability to pin-point the source of my various pains and knows what to do to make it better. I used to blame every ache and pain I get on the fibromyalgia, but the Doc can figure out the real causes and fix them.

    I first called Dr. Altman because my neck and upper back hurt, but I canceled the appointment because my jaw hurt and I thought it wouldn’t be comfortable to lay on the table. You see, I had some dental work done, and since then, my jaws were hurting badly. I was unable to chew anything, leaving me to live on blended food and oatmeal. This went on for weeks and I kept going back to the dentist to fix the problem with no avail. Then I was referred to an endodontist who diagnosed me with TMJ. Meanwhile, my neck and back were still hurting, so I finally called the doc back up and explained to him that I needed his help, but would not be able to lay face down as it hurt my face to do so. He said that he could help the TMJ, so I went to see him immediately. My jaw felt better after the first visit! After a couple of times, I was eating normal food again! And he relieved the pains in my neck and back as well. It beats the heck out of being doped up on pain pills (my dentist & endodontist’s answer to TMJ pain.)

    Since then, I’ve been going to see Dr. Altman regularly to keep my chronic pains away. He let me know that my foot pain was due to pronation (flat foot). He helped straighten out my foot and lead me to some good (and affordable) shoes with arch support. Since then my feet don’t swell or hurt as often. I could go on and on, but my point is that since I started seeing Dr. Altman, the quality of my life has improved. My body is more flexible, less tense, and much less painful.

  5. My back feels great!!

    My six-year-old son and I both have visited Dr. Altman for chiropractic services, and we’ve both been satisfied with the results. If your thinking of making an appointment, do it. You won’t be dissappointed.

  6. Perry Hoy says

    While I’ve never visited Dr. Altman for chiropractic services, I can speak highly of his friendly attitude and sense of humor. He gets my customer of the day award for today for his visit processing a medical document in my office…any man with as quick a wit as he possesses has to have a wonderful approach to dealing with his patients…which is so rare in the field anymore. And how many men pose with their canine companions on their business magnets? Should I ever need chiropractic services, Dr. Altman will be my choice without any pondering needed.

  7. I have visited Dr. Altman several times for shoulder dislocations. I am a big outdoor enthusiast. I work at rock climbing gym and I also climb on my free time so my shoulder has to be in top condition. Like climbing I also ride bmx so that also requires my shoulder to be in good shape. Basically everything I do I need my shoulders to be in tip top shape and when they dislocate I go to Dr. Altman without even thinking twice. He always gets the shoulder to relocate first visit and with his exercises i am back to riding, climbing, turning wrenches on cars. I highly recommend Dr. Altman for any type of work that you need done.

  8. Garen Ridenhour says

    Wow is all I can say! Dr. Altman is the best! I have had severe back problems the last couple years. Currently I have a bulging disc in my lower back. I have spent thousands for physical therapy and other chiropractors. I have had mixed results with those treatments. My first visit with Dr. Altman was a complete success! I will NEVER go anywhere else! I have lived with back pain everyday for years. I was shocked to have zero back pain for 2 whole days after I saw him the first time. My second time… Still pain free! He knows exactly what he is doing. He is better than every single doctor I have seen. I am a patient for life!

  9. I was diagnosed with torticollis a few weeks ago. I went to Dr Altman and after just a few minutes of interviewing me he went right to work, releasing the tension in my neck and back. Hearing things pop and snap can be pretty disconcerting. He made it easy, of course at first I resisted the treatment but I’m glad I loosened up. Thanks Andrew!

  10. Lydia Gallapoo says

    Several years ago I injured myself while snowboarding. I really messed up my back, neck and ribs. Since then, it is necessary to readjust from time to time. Andrew is the only one I trust to keep me mobile and pain free. In August, I woke up with terrible pain and called Andrew. Even though it was Sunday, he took me right away. He determined that I had a kidney stone and recommended a hospital, since I didn’t know which one was best. I have been to many chiropractors over the years, and can say without hesitation that Andrew Altman is the best.

  11. Several months ago, I injured my spine in a terrible accident. I tried going to a traditional MD, and other then being drugged up and sleepy, it do no good at all!! So I decided to go to Dr. Altman, to see if he could help with my severe pain, and get me back to normal again. He promised that he would fix me right up after 8 visits. I thought that seems crazy and impossible! After my second visit, I was in considerably less pain, and by the 6th, I was 100% back to normal! Dr. A is a wonderful honest man, who knows his stuff much more so than any other chiropractor I’ve spoken too (and I have one in the family!!)

  12. Back in January, in the course of my job, I ended up rotating my hip so badly that my leg popped out of place. I work weird hours and was doing a random search at 1 AM that morning to try to find a chiropractor who could help. I came across Dr. Altman in the search engine and saw his number listed so I decided to give it a call and try to leave a message to get an appointment set up. To my surprise, Dr. Altman answered the phone rather than some machine and even said that if it was feeling that bad that early in the morning that I should just come on by and he would see what he could do. I didn’t want to impose that late at night so I just set an appointment up for the more normal morning hours, but the fact that he was more concerned about a patient that office hours impressed me. Within a couple of visits, despite how bad my hips were out of place, I felt as good as new, and I’ve been coming in for visits ever since. He’s very personable and is the kind of guy that exudes professionalism and a friendly smile in the same expression. I’d recommend him personally to anyone needing a chiropractor and stock up on his business cards in case I see someone who needed as much help as I did.

  13. Dr. Altman truly cares about his patients. He consistently goes above and beyond, to make sure I’m pain free. I have reoccurring back problems due to my job. Regardless of how much it hurts, Dr. Altman always manages to resolve the issue with just a couple visits. I can’t think of anyone else I would recommend as highly.

  14. Dr. Altman, recently came to our school for a “health safari”. During the health safari, we do lice, vision, hearing, dental and scoliosis screening. Dr. Altman was able to screen around 400 of our students for scoliosis and made one on one contact with partents for possible further assistance. We will continue to use Dr. Altman at our safari’s and glad he is able to give us his expertise.

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