Relief for Neck Pain

Neck adjustmentPeople generally think of chiropractors when a car injury has lead to whiplash.  But there are various causes for neck pain, and Dr. Altman can provide relief for just about all of them!  Luckily, he also understands that if you have never been to a chiropractor before, the idea of someone twisting and turning an already sore neck can be really scary and intimidating.  So the Doc will orient to help them understand what he is what is about to do and why it helps.  With his good sense of humor and gentle touch, he has a real talent for helping patients in acute pain.  At least that’s what his patients say:

Drvntchr says:

I was diagnosed with torticollis a few weeks ago. I went to Dr Altman and after just a few minutes of interviewing me he went right to work, releasing the tension in my neck and back. Hearing things pop and snap can be pretty disconcerting. He made it easy, of course at first I resisted the treatment but I’m glad I loosened up. Thanks Andrew!

Of course any licensed chiropractor like Dr. Altman can help relieve neck pain.  But at AZ Family Health, pain relief is a part of the process, but not the final goal.  The Doc works with you to get remedy the causes of neck pain.  He goes the extra mile (or several miles) to find out what is causing the pain and to correct the real problem.  Cody found this out for himself:

Cody Smith says:

Dr. Altman is truly a very skilled chiropractor. I’ve been to a few other practitioners throughout the years, due to lower back pain and neck injuries. Some were good, some not so good. Several had the skills to temporarily relieve pain. However, only Dr. Altman concentrated on truly fixing the source of my problems in a more permanent manner.

Doc impressed me with his extensive knowledge of the whole body and how all the systems are affected by an injury or problem in one area. (Very interesting how a pinched nerve in one area can cause weakness or numbness in an entirely different part of the body!) Yet, he managed to never talk over my head, taking the time to explain everything to me clearly.

When I came to Doc Altman, my injury was so severe that my body formed an “S” when viewed from the front! It was almost comical, if it hadn’t hurt so bad. He relieved my pain, diagnosed the true cause of my injury, and through realignment and rehabilitation, corrected my problem permanently. He went even one step further by instructing me in exercises I should do on my own to prevent re-injury.

I highly recommend Dr. Altman to anyone seeking true permanent healing of their injuries. I’m living proof that his treatments work!

If you are suffering from neck pain and live in (or are visiting) the Phoenix East Valley area, don’t hesitate to see Dr. Altman.  He can usually give you immediate relief and then find the source of your problems to provide you with long term relief.  You can use our online calendar to schedule an appointment or contact the Doc directly.
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